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An alternative art gallery space, in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, an area popular with the youths, was set up in order to explore how art can engage with the Japanese society after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. By including a bar, which served drinks, in the gallery space, I wanted to encourage people to talk to each other with art works on show as a starting point. Following Joseph Beuys’s definition of art, the gallery dealt with a wide range of subjects including social movement (election campaign), recycling and sex (love dolls).

L’amusée de Keyaki, 2003 - 2013


Set in a 1970s wooden house in Shinjuku, in the centre of Tokyo, the concept behind L’amusée de Keyaki was to show contemporary art in a Japanese domestic setting and to provide a space where people could relax and view works of art and have discussions, perhaps even over a meal. She curated works with an aim of making art more accessible to the general public, with exhibiting artists producing work in the studio, set up in the house, and giving talks. Purpose of L’amusée de Keyaki was to break down the barrier between the makers and the viewers.

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