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Workshop at Andoche Praudel's pottery studio in Dordogne, France

Andoche Praudel a ceramicist. He is also a poet and a photographer. Eiko, his wife, is a freelance curator who used to run a Japanese art and craft gallery in Paris. They have a home and a workshop on a hill in beautiful Dordogne, an area where Andoche was born. From their garden, in the morning, you can see a sea of clouds in the distance.

And during the day, you are treated to a beautiful play of light and shadows, created by the surrounding valley and the hills, as if the entire landscape is a vast stage. As you look at the immediate surroundings, you see his experimental works and blossoming flowers together in their garden, turning it into a unique natural art gallery.

I made drawings with porcelain clay which he dug himself (he prepares his own clay and glaze, using soil from his birthplace). I felt that the best way to present a series of drawings I made on small paper in this way was to place them among the plants in their garden. A modest exhibition. As I returned to Paris, I laid these 30 odd drawings out on the floor. They looked completely different.


(アンドーシュ・プローデル)は陶芸家で、詩人、写真家、詩人でもある。夫人のエイコさんは以前パリで日本のアートとクラフトのギャラリーをやっておられた。今ではフリーのキューレーターである。彼らの家と工房はアンドッシュが生まれた美しいDordogne(ドルドーニュ) の丘の上にある。

庭からは 見る遠くの景色は朝は雲の海、昼は時間ごとに周りの谷や小山が作る光と影が美しくまるで劇場のようだ、近くの景色に目をやると彼らの庭は半ば自然に咲いている花々と彼の試作品が織りなすユニークな自然のギャラリーになっている。


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